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Fear – Friend or Foe?

In violence, fear is the first enemy. It can cripple you. Paralyse you. It can shut down decades of training in a moment. It can regress you to the level of a child and leave you helpless in the face of danger. Or it can be managed. It can be faced and understood. It can be the catalyst […]

Beginner’s Krav Maga Classes in North Bristol

How hard is it to start Krav Maga in North Bristol? Not as hard as you might think! Krav Maga has a reputation for being tough. It deserves that reputation. Toughness in training is necessary to produce real skill and confidence in a person. But toughness doesn’t mean that beginners can’t take it up. Starting […]

Taking Krav Maga to the Gurkha Rifles in Brunei

In January of 2017, Krav Maga Bristol instructor, Will Bayley was asked by the Commanding Officer of The 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles and the British Forces Brunei to travel to Brunei and introduce Krav Maga to the Battalion personnel. Lt Col Charlie Crowe had trained with Will Bayley for 18 months while posted to […]

The Security Bubble

We’re fortunate in the BKMA to be surrounded by some very experienced people in the security industry and in the forces, and of course the two often overlap. I’d like to share with you today a lesson I learned during my Close Protection training, a lesson delivered by Mark Edwards. Mark is a quiet, humble […]

Will Bayley’s Two Thresholds to Violent Action

The British Krav Maga Association conducts regular surveys into violent crime. The statistics help us to understand what is happening on the streets of Britain and to tailor our training to meet those threats. What we know, from looking at hard evidence, is that a large percentage of people facing violence fail in their response […]

Krav Maga Training for Weight Loss

Krav Maga Training for Weight Loss July 6, 2015 by kMinstructor (Edit) Weight loss or control is a common reason to train in Krav Maga. It’s successful at helping people lose weight too. Principally, this is for two reasons. One, it’s easier to motivate yourself to exercise in a class, which is driven by an Instructor and gives […]

Gradings… Preparation and Execution

Krav Maga gradings vary greatly from association to association and from instructor to instructor. But the variance is only in degree. All Krav Maga gradings are tough. If you’ve done a little martial arts and tried some gradings before, you need to adjust your expectations. Many martial arts gradings, especially at the earlier levels, are […]