How hard is it to start Krav Maga in North Bristol? Not as hard as you might think!

Krav Maga has a reputation for being tough. It deserves that reputation. Toughness in training is necessary to produce real skill and confidence in a person. But toughness doesn’t mean that beginners can’t take it up. Starting Krav Maga is easy. You start slow and work up to it. You don’t need to have previous training, experience or even great fitness. It is your instructor’s job to teach you skill and work with you to build fitness. Your first sessions you will be encouraged to take it slowly and build up in speed and confidence, as your skill and fitness improve. No matter where you’re at when you come to us, if you bring effort and drive you will get where you want to go.

Here’s the lowdown on what to expect when you go to your first Krav Maga class in Bristol:

  • Aim to arrive ten minutes early. You’ll be able to meet your instructor before you train. No matter what level you’re at when you go to your first class at Krav Maga North Bristol, it’s our job to ingrain in you the world-class skills of Krav Maga in the most effective and efficient manner possible, and we have the expertise and experience to achieve this.
  • You can count on a warm welcome, not just from your instructor but from our other students. Everyone knows what it is like to be a beginner – they’ve all done it. And they’ll help coach you too. We count on our more experienced students to help you learn the basics and get a good start in the class. We promise that you’ll find a friendly and ego-free environment. We are pro-active in weeding out people who do not fit with our warm atmosphere and training ethos.
  • You will get a good bit of exercise, and the general feedback is that it’s easier to push yourself that little bit further because you’re in a group and focused on learning rather than in a gym on your own focused only on the exercise. We make a real difference to many people wanting to shed weight or make serious lifestyle changes for the better. We’re also happy to help with advice on exercise plans and diet, so just ask.

Why choose Krav Maga North Bristol over any other club?

There’s a big difference between an instructor who teaches as a hobby a couple of evenings a week and a professional instructor who does it hours a day, day in, day out, as a vocation. A hobby instructor teaching two one hour classes a week will rack up around 100 hours a year in teaching experience. A professional instructor will average over 10 times this, year in, year out. The lead instructor at Krav Maga North Bristol is Will Bayley. He’s got around 5000 hours experience teaching Krav Maga to people from all walks of life, whether they have experience in combative training or not. Over the last five years, he has taught veterans of armed conflict, police officers, close protection officers, other Krav Maga instructors and civilians. He has a proven background and reputation and is held in high regard by other professionals, including high ranking officers in the British Armed Forces. In January of 2017 the Army paid for Will to fly to Brunei to deliver Krav training to our troops, testament to the demand his skills enjoy. Being a great instructor is about more than simply being good at Krav. It’s the years of experience in teaching that matter, as an experienced instructor will know the shortest way to get you doing what you need to do, both in skill and fitness.

What kit you need to take

  • Just loose, comfy clothing such as tracksuit bottoms and t-shirt, or leggings and t-shirt, a pair of trainers.
  • A bottle of water.
  • If you keep training long term, you’ll need to buy a pair of 16oz gloves and a gumshield.
  • Nothing else. No expensive lists of kit.

Krav Maga SwindonWhat you’ll learn

Krav Maga North Bristol  teaches using a rotating curriculum. This means that we rotate around areas of our syllabus periodically. So it doesn’t matter where you jump in, you’ll soon catch up with everyone else and each time you rotate through the syllabus you’ll attain a higher level of advancement, confidence and skill. There’ll be a subject change every few weeks, so the focus will be anything from edged weapons defences to ground survival, and even things like third party protection or anti-carjacking drills. Additionally, every class you’ll practice the core skills, striking and movement, that underpin all other areas of the syllabus.

Will it hurt?

Professional instruction means getting people to competence without injuring them. You can expect light bruising on your forearms as you learn to block and counter common street attacks, but that’s it. As you progress, training will intensify at times, and there is a weekly adrenalised and fight skills session you may attend once you have a couple of months under your belt.

Times and Details

In North Bristol we train Mondays and Thursdays, both evenings. Your first session with us is free. If you decide you’d like to train with us regularly, we offer two levels of monthly membership and signing up is easy and commitment free. We don’t believe in long contracts – as a member you can freeze or cancel your membership at any time simply by giving us 30 days notice.

Booking a Class

Krav Maga Bristol offers a free Krav Maga class for beginners. One free session to try out Krav Maga for yourself. Contact us today to book your place, by phone or email, or by hooking up via our Facebook page.

Phone: 07866417618

Email: kravmaganorthbristol at gmail dot com

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